Cyber Partners S.p.a. has been named Digital Shadows Partner of the Year EMEA

Cyber Partners is very happy to announce we have been named Partner of the Year EMEA by our long time partner, Digital Shadows.

We are very proud to be partner of Digital Shadows and this award is the result of the incredible work Cyber Partners and Digital Shadows are doing together and will keep doing.

Digital Shadows, founded in 2011 in Texas, is a major provider of digital risk protection solutions across the globe. The company provides SearchLight, a robust DRP solution offering digital risk protection capabilities such as asset discovery & management, false-positive filtering, risk-based prioritization, and rich context, Photon research, and threat intelligence (TI) library.

The SearchLight solution minimizes digital risk by detecting data loss, securing the online brand, and minimizing the attack surface. SearchLight automatically detects domains linked with user’s assets and populates a proposed assets tab to reduce the burden of asset management to users for expanding digital
The asset discovery & management capability provides optional input on asset criticality to adjust risk scoring and helps the client success team manage the work of loading and configuring assets in the system. The false-positive filtering capability includes the combination of proprietary software with a team of experienced human analysts leverages to eradicate 99.7% of the noise before an alert is raised.

SearchLight covers the widest range of use cases in the market, providing an outside-in perspective of the following:

  1. Data Leakage Detection (Marked Documents, Customer Details, Employee Credentials)
  2. Brand Protection (Impersonating Domains, Phishing Sites, Spoof Social Media Profiles, Spoof Mobile Apps)
  3. Technical Leakage Detection (Exposed Access Keys, Unauthorized Code Commit, Leaked Sensitive Technology, Leaked Sensitive Code)
  4. Dark Web Monitoring (Accounts for Sale, Mentioned by Threat Actor, Phishing Kits)
  5. Attack Surface Monitoring (Exploitable Vulnerabilities, Certificate Issues, Open Ports, Misconfigured Devices)
  6. Threat Intelligence (Threat Actor Profiles/Tracking, Intelligence Incidents, Supplier/Vendor Monitoring, Vulnerability/Exploit Monitoring)

Through a bottom-up approach, Digital Shadows has developed a methodology consisting in four steps that aim at reducing digital risks and the overall footprint that the organizations generate:

  1. Identify Key Assets: understand what an organization considers to be their critical assets and wishes to protect
  2. Understand Threats to Your Business: understand a threat’s behavior (tactics techniques and procedures), motivations, and the opportunities the threat may exploit
  3. Monitor For Unwanted Exposure: consider a wide range of sources and prioritize those that are most relevant across the open, deep, and dark web
  4. Take Action and Protect: take action to resolve or mitigate risks, by formulating immediate responses that may be done on an ongoing basis and those that may involve investment or directional influence